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Six major trends in the metal packaging industry

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  Facing the future, living in the increasingly large metal packaging environment, in China's packaging manufacturing to create a bigger and stronger new background to China, we increasingly feel that the development of the industry are facing six major opportunities and challenges:
  One of the trends: the polarization of the show, the middle of the state-owned enterprises will be rapidly broken down, the total industrial development in the ups and downs continued to grow, and increasingly sophisticated.
  Trend two: subject to high raw material costs, electricity is still scarce, oil, coal, human capital and storage and transportation prices continue to increase, production conditions and environmental protection requirements increasingly stringent, combined with international exchange rate and anti-dumping, the future cost of metal packaging comparison   Advantages gradually decline.
Trend three: the implementation of circular economy and sustainable development requirements, the future of metal packaging green, energy saving, clean and environmentally friendly manufacturing, packaging and waste recycling will be an important trend.
  Trend four: metal packaging independent intellectual property rights and the development of packaging brand names, the formation of the core competitiveness of innovation and development will be the commanding height of a new round of competition.
  Five trends: from ordinary manufacturing to lean manufacturing change, scale manufacturing to innovation manufacturing change, will lead to the transformation of traditional computer information technology industries, such as ERP, remote network services and other new operating modes and management patterns.
  Six trends: seize the historic opportunity to enhance the ability of metal packaging enterprises and the entire industry and international exchanges.