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In 2004 invested 20000 yuan, the national hero left precious stone statue pressed in the town cultural square, by the Hui nation

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  Zuo Baigui, a national hero, was born in the local town of Pingyi County. His garret was on the west of the local township. The Hui nationality in all parts of the country admired him in an endless stream. However, the road to the grave was muddy , Very difficult to do, Yang Yanming and invested 20000 yuan, repair a general road. Subsequently, they also actively negotiated with the town Party committee, decided to plastic left a noble statue of the noble left in order to increase the local town of strong national taste, with the town leaders several times to inspect the carving Linyi market, in 2004 invested 20,000 yuan, the Left by the national hero statue of precious stones press in the town of Culture Square, welcomed by the Hui and Han nationalities.