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Green, innovation and creativity as a new packaging strategy

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  To deepen innovation, we must take the realization of "three packages", namely, green packaging, innovative packaging and creative packaging as the strategic focus of development.
  Green packaging requires us to adhere to the principle of resource conservation, environment friendliness, recycling and sustainable development in the whole process of production, circulation, consumption and waste resource regeneration, taking the path of developing low-carbon economy and circular economy. A month ago, the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China, featured the theme "Better City, Better Life," to showcase and explore the beautiful future of urban life. Among them, how to effectively deal with urban waste, especially the packaging waste that occupies more than half of the city's garbage, so that it can be reduced and reused, especially the recycling is our unshirkable responsibility and mission in the packaging industry. In the past few years, China's packaging industry is taking a proactive approach. At this Beijing International Packaging Expo, we have seen new achievements in the recycling of waste paper, not only in large quantities for recycled paper and carton packaging, but also in paper-based exhibitions, utensils, furniture, and equipment. Olympic Games, exhibitions and logistics; paper and aluminum composite packaging waste to achieve the decomposition of all components of the recovery, quality pulp once again put into the production of packaging materials recycling; even more pleasing is that a wide range of packaging food and beverage poly Ester bottles, to achieve homogeneous transformation, regeneration of high purity food-grade polyester pellets, has been multinational food and beverage companies certification, and actively adopted, let us see an ideal mode of recycling economy. The recycling of packaging waste is breeding a strategic new industry.
  Innovative packaging requires that we make full use of human knowledge, wisdom and the power and potential of modern high technology to enhance independent innovation and integrated innovation in accordance with the principles of reduction, low emission, reuse and resource utilization, vigorously develop and utilize new energy, New materials, new processes and new equipment, reduce the amount of materials used, reduce pollution, and improve and modernize the production and management of the packaging industry. We are pleased to see the new plant Tetra Pak China set up last year in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, supporting the construction of solar power plants and becoming a model for the packaging industry to adopt new energy sources. Degradable packaging materials research and development has also made important breakthroughs, will be more widely applied; information technology in packaging and printing [encyclopedic] areas of application, to further develop the digital, personalized, controllable, green and other important functions, Packaging and printing technology to a new level.
  Creative packaging, that is to vigorously develop and strengthen the packaging design team, give full play to the imagination and creativity of packaging designers, people-oriented, cultural and technological innovation and organic integration, with innovative packaging and green packaging closely integrated with domestic and foreign The market demand is closely linked with the changes, and constantly improve the intellectual property of utility models and designs. Special efforts should be devoted to serving the brand strategy of the consumer products industry, innovating brand name products, originating product packaging and specialty product packaging, and contributing to the adjustment of product structure and improvement of livelihood.
  Deepening cooperation is another impetus to our continuous development in the new phase. As a joint organization of the industry, China Packaging Federation will not only be based on the promotion of China's packaging industry "to adjust the structure, level, increase vitality and development", but also hope that through the World Packaging Organization and Asia Packaging Federation, in promoting the various countries and regions Cooperation in the field of innovative ideas, innovative policies, innovative models, we should focus on strengthening the four cooperation:
  1, to strengthen cooperation in industrial development strategy research. In the face of the serious impact on the real economy in the world, the packaging industry should step up its research on the industrial development strategy. In particular, conform to the trend and trend of developing a green economy and a low-carbon economy around the world, give play to the features and advantages of the packaging industry in developing a recycling economy, Actively carry out green packaging research, exchange and cooperation. It is necessary to further study the concept of green packaging, expand the connotation of green packaging, innovate the technology of green packaging, promote the policy of developing green packaging, and promote the international cooperation in green packaging.
  2, strengthen information exchange and cooperation. We should make full use of the basic support of modern information and communication technologies, give play to the organizational service functions of trade associations, develop and improve the collection, analysis and dissemination of important industry and professional information, serve the enterprises' innovation and investment decision-making, and enhance the efficiency of innovation and investment And efficiency.
  3, strengthen new technology promotion and cooperation. Technological innovation and industrialization are the core of the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of the packaging industry. We must strengthen the evaluation, selection and recommendation of new technological achievements, especially the new green packaging materials and products that meet the requirements of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission. Meet the emission reduction requirements of the packaging technology and packaging waste utilization of innovative technologies; with high efficiency, multi-functional, intelligent, high-precision packaging machinery and equipment technology. At the same time, we must promote the development of industry standards on the basis of technological progress.
  4, strengthen industrial financing cooperation. At the critical moment of the current victory over the world financial crisis, an important strategic move is that we should actively promote effective investment in the real economy. The Chinese government has set a strategic guideline for the coordinated development of consumption, investment and exports, and in particular the promotion of domestic consumption on economic growth. China's huge domestic consumption potential and the government's commitment to improving the household consumption power have created opportunities for the development of the consumer goods industry and related packaging industries. China Packaging Federation will be supported by the government, to expand the investment in the packaging industry to provide active coordination and assistance.
  This year marks the final year of implementing the 11th Five-Year Plan and also an important year for formulating the 12th Five-Year Plan. Under the guidance of the State Planning, we organize the entire industry to earnestly sum up the experience in the development of the packaging industry. Clear the gap with the world's packaging power to find out the weak links in the packaging industry chain and put forward the goals, tasks and measures for the healthy and orderly development of the packaging industry and make unremitting efforts to develop a green packaging industry with scale, efficiency and sustainability.