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Domestic metal packaging industry entered a stable development period

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  Metal packaging is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, instrumentation packaging, industrial packaging and other aspects. Among them, the largest number of food packaging. The domestic metal packaging industry's largest user is the food industry. Although at present, the domestic metal packaging market presents a trend of oversupply, but from the per capita consumption analysis, the metal packaging industry there is still a lot of room for development.
  Shangpu consulting light industry analysts pointed out: China's metal packaging industry compared to the United States Japan and other developed countries there is still much room for development. China's metal packaging industry has entered a steady, sustainable development period. Metal packaging industry has been transformed from the decentralized development trend into a complete set of modern technology and equipment, a complete category of complete industrial system, a number of cross-regional product new, large-scale, effective metal packaging leading enterprises continue to emerge.
  Domestic metal packaging has a huge space for development in the entire packaging industry chain. However, the future development of metal packaging industry also faces challenges: the domestic metal packaging industry is not highly concentrated and does not have the scale effect, creating an expansion opportunity for the metal packaging industry consolidators; Metal packaging enterprises homogeneity competition, lack of innovation, product design innovation opportunities highlighting; raw materials continue to rise, serious waste of resources, reduce costs and reduce costs of innovative benefits will be very prominent; lack of brand building China's metal packaging industry, the downstream dependence High, standard setters will have a real voice. However, customer satisfaction does not mean that the industry brand, so the metal packaging companies should grasp the end consumer market, create value for customers in order to be able to lead the development of the industry.
  According to Shang Shangpu consulting released "2012-2016 China container and metal packaging container market analysis report" shows: China's metal packaging industry both opportunities and challenges, in order to get rapid development, we need to grasp the opportunities for market development, reduce and The gap between similar foreign enterprises to ensure economies of scale from the number of economies to benefit the economy change. And technology to enhance brand building, improve the marketing model of predecessors and the intensive integration of SMEs to implement the "joint development" to enhance and enhance the overall level of metal packaging.