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Printing industry on the characteristics of the Indian iron ink requirements

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  1, drying and heat resistance
  Ink is dry and oxidative polymerization, to ensure that the film has sufficient hardness and processing resistance;
  2, solvent resistance and wet coating
  Matched with post-processed varnish, no wrinkles, no discoloration, and maintain the surface tension compatible with varnish, in line with wet glazing requirements;
  3, resistance to processing, handling
  Metal printing, according to different purposes for different processing requirements of the ink after heating and drying should have good adhesion;
  4, liquidity
  Impermeable substrate surface, printing ink at the scene there is a large drying room, the workshop temperature is high, with the general than ink, printing ink high viscosity;
  5, water resistance
  Lithography is based on the principle that oil (ink) water (fountain solution) is immiscible. During the printing process, the printing ink and the fountain solution repeatedly come into contact with each other. Therefore, the ink is required to have strong water resistance to prevent the ink from emulsifying.
  6, light, heat, cooking resistance
  After high-temperature baking and high-temperature sterilization, the ink should not change color, escape the color, maintain the original color of the product during storage;
  7, fountain solution adaptability
  Proper control of fountain solution PH value, ink and its good ink balance.
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