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The benefits of using tin packaging

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  In recent years, as we have spent the necessary changes and spending levels on our journey, not only has the moon cakes themselves been given a new dimension, but also has placed more and higher demands on moon cakes packaging. Mooncake packaging from tin, paper boxes, wooden boxes, plastic boxes, bamboo baskets and other goods. In contrast, the tin box has its own advantages: on the one hand, the metal printing can use a variety of new ink and preemptive printing skills, so that the printing surface with superior gloss, more beautiful; the other hand, In the case, the iron box appears advanced, suitable for popular gift wrap. More importantly, the tin has a good compatibility, processing convenience, easy appearance, beautiful print, suitable for storage and other features.
  Tin box, Wang Wenhengyi, made of iron box, is made of tinplate box, tinplate is actually the appearance of iron on the tin, in order to play a protective effect. In accordance with the species to points, the most common are: moon cake cans, iron tea cans, coffee pots, biscuits cans, health products cans, beauty cans, hand cans, piggy banks, sealed cans, milk cans, wine cans, Christmas cans, gifts Cans, candle cans, metal buckets, badges, music boxes, cigarette cases, stationery boxes, CD boxes, cigarette cases and more.
  Printing on top of the tin box is a must-have for today's skills and can print different kinds of pictures based on your needs.
  Tin box and other packaging materials contrast has its significant advantages, the top of the iron can be recycled, the second environmentally friendly, the third worker first.
According to the shape of the tin box, the common can be divided into the following categories: rectangular tin box, square tin box, hand iron box, round iron box, shaped iron box (heart / oval / car / cartoon animal / Figure shape) and so on.
  In addition to the light will cause the deterioration of food reaction, it will also cause protein and amino acid changes. Vitamin C is brightened by the light to make it more effective with other food ingredients, resulting in a lot of throw away. According to the research and analysis flash, bright glass bottled milk, vitamin C throw away 14 times higher than the dark bottle of milk, light also oxidized milk smell, and radionuclides, methionine and other nutrients to throw away nutrients The value of opaque tin can makes vitamin C the highest custody rate.
  Superior sealing
  Packaging containers of air and other volatile gas barrier nutrients and sensory quality of the custody is very important. Comparison of various fruit juice packaging containers to prove that the oxygen permeability of the container directly affects the browning of fruit juice and vitamin C storage; low oxygen permeability metal cans, glass bottles and aluminum foil glue layer, the storage of vitamin C Better, in the best iron cans.
  Tin recovery effect
  Tin inside the tinplate will be filled with the residual oxygen in the container effect, reducing the chance of food ingredients are oxidized. Tin recovery effect on the light color fruit, fruit juice flavor and color have excellent storage effect, so the use of non-painted cans of juice cans than other packages of juice cans nutrient storage is very good, brown modified slender , The taste of the quality of the better, thus extending the shelf life.
  Help for the human body
  Tinned canned food, with the exception of a small number of light-colored fruit and canned fruit juices, mostly using the internal paint empty cans, in order to advance the corrosion resistance of containers; due to the electrochemical effect of metal, canned food cans in storage will have A small amount of iron dissolves in the form of ferrous iron in sealed canned foods, and is briefly absorbed by the body at levels of about 1 to 10 ppm. For fruits and vegetables, there is not much information about the iron content in the cans. The contents of the tin cans are 350 ppm per can. The iron content is 5 ppm.   Each jar can supply 1.75 mg of iron, which is about the human daily intake One tenth of 18mg. If the above-mentioned fruit and vegetable juice beverage cans are rich in vitamin C, the iron is absorbed more easily, so that the canned food and drink is an excellent source of iron, and the meaning of nutrient supply to cans is even more profound.
  Because of these features, tin cans provide an airtight system that completely blocks the environment from the heat. Dark tinted foods are deteriorated by light, oxygen, and moisture, and do not lose light or smell Pollution and odor, the stability of food storage better than other packaging materials, the highest retention rate of vitamin C, nutrient retention is also the best.
  In addition, the use of tinplate is very wide. From the packaging materials for food and beverage to grease cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans, the benefits and characteristics of tinplate supplies are excellently maintained both physically and chemically.